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A journey into a new future is set,
made of innovation, technology, and passion.

Brand Values

Decisive and authoritative but at the same time sensitive, enthusiastic, and trust worthy.It marks a green pattern for a new and brighter future, a way to go together.
Brands are said to have character and in Prinx we find reliability, expertise, and authority with a human touch.
Technology per se is worthless, but when it comes with passion and dedication, it becomes a life-changing ingredient. At Prinx, we make use of technology and innovation for a better, more sustainable, and fuller life for everyone.
We are obsessed to LEAVE A MARK today, to build a better future tomorrow.

Brand Vision

Prinx’s vision emphasizes human-centricity, objective but sensitive, and highly technological but passionate. And if you could feel the warmth, and feel the humanity, and feel his intent coming through the eyes, then you would succeed.
The eye contains and synthesizes all of this. Isn’t it the window of the soul?
The eye becomes one with the tires in an intense, deep gaze that captures, amazes, and seems to ask "What future would you like to see?“

Brand Mission

Prinx mark is a green mark of pure energy, a perfect balance of technology and nature. Prinx brings to people’s life a conscious and sustainable future where everyone can express its full potential.
The tire embraces and incorporates the concept of a human and technological future, made to amaze and be amazed.

Experienced and Reliable

It knows what it’s doing, and it is always one step ahead.

Innovative and Sustainable

A natural-born innovator who cares about the mark it leaves.

Collaborative Leader

Inspiring and leading others through professionalism, competence, and courage.

Trust makes easiness

From ME to US, the power of trust makes everything simpler and more efficient.

Business Scale
6 Sales Centers
2 Production Bases
2 R&D Centers
Manufacture Strength

The First

Zadtire-No.1 service solution in the China’s tire industry

The First

China's first domestic radial tire self-developed
production line


Shandong Tire Manufacturing Industry Innovation Center, China

The First

Among the first batch of green factories in China

The First

Among the first enterprise applying for energy management system certification in the China’s tire industry

The First

The national Enterprise Technology Center has been ranked first in China’s tire industry for four consecutive eight years

Industry Status

PRINX Personality

Prinx has a strong and decisive personality.
It is known and recognized for being a charismatic forerunner, that leads by innovation and its natural attitude. Prinx does not need strength, hierarchy, or self-celebration, it is a leader that leaves its mark. Technological, dynamic, and wise, it cares about perfection and details, but it is never out of place.
Prinx fights for a better world, a better and brighter future, with respect and dedication, not expecting anything in return.
Join Prinx and LEAVE YOUR MARK too.