Darmstadt, Germany, 28.11.2023 – The new premium brand PRINX launches its first winter tire for passenger cars. The “Winter Excelia” model delivers an impressive performance with values that come very close to (or even surpass) the market leaders during testing. The TÜV Süd test mark confirms the tire’s high standard.

In some cases, the values attributable to the high-performing “Winter Excelia” even outperform the market leaders

With its first winter tire for the European market, the premium brand PRINX – which focuses on sustainability and design – tops many of the products currently available on the market. In some cases, the values attributable to the high-performing “Winter Excelia” even outperform the market leaders. The tire’s handling in snow and wet conditions is particularly impressive, delivering with first-class results. The 3PMSF tires are designed for European winter conditions, and are produced in Thailand. An interplay of 3 technologies affords the “Winter Excelia” its high level of performance: WinterFlex, WinterGravity and WinterEdge.

TÜV Süd tested the performance of these technologies in Plantskolan (Sweden), near the Arctic Circle, and in Papenburg* in Germany. All 39 dimensions are also certified by TÜV Süd. In addition to classic points – such as roll resistance and safety on both wet and dry roads, it also includes the quality features “performance tested” and “production monitored”. The “Winter Excelia” is suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles with tires from 14 to 19 inches and speeds of up to 270 km/h. PRINX is promoting this new highlight in its portfolio, true to the motto “Our warmest recommendation for cold weather”. 

Superior handling in snow when compared to the market leader

TÜV-tested braking distances and handling characteristics In March 2023, TÜV Süd performed extensive tests in Germany and at the Arctic Falls site in Plantskolan, Sweden. The results: During wet braking from 80 km/h to 20 km/h, only 10 centimetres separate the “Winter Excelia” from the market leader’s reference tire. During braking testing on snow, this value is 20 centimetres. In comparison with established mainstream tires, the wet braking test gave the PRINX model a clear lead of 1.50 metres. The TÜV Süd certifies that the “Winter Excelia” is characterised by superior handling in snow when compared to the market leader. Handling in the wet was confirmed as almost equivalent to the TIER 1 comparison tire. The “Winter Excelia 205/55 R16 91H” was tested in each instance.

Technology for enhanced driving comfort in winter When developing the “Winter Excelia”, PRINX relied on a combination of its new WinterFlex, WinterGravity and WinterEdge technologies. Result: The “Winter Excelia” is made of an innovative blend involving cold-resistant polymer, which keeps it elastic and efficient, even at low temperatures. The tire’s unique design increases the amount of ground contact, while its V-shaped tread pattern simultaneously channels snow and water to the outside when rolling. Combined with a soft, slatted shoulder area, it strikes an effective balance between wet/snow braking and handling, and ensures a safe and secure feeling on winter roads.

PRINX’s goal of providing car drivers with a tire that offers better handling for the winter is based on a total of 3 key topics: Safety, handling and environmental protection. In the “Winter Excelia”, the brand’s sustainability mantra is reflected in the use of more environmentally friendly materials, as well as in minimising noise emissions. The driving noise is between 70 and 73 dB, depending on the dimensions.

“A warm recommendation for cold weather”

To summarise, the “Winter Excelia” is a TÜV-certified high performer with 3PMSF designation and speed index H-W, which delivers a top performance with absolute top values for handling on snow and ice. The tire also masters wet conditions in winter with exemplary “wet grip B”. At the same time, it also favours maximum sustainability. With 39

dimensions between 14 and 19 inches, the “Excelia” covers a wide range of car and SUV models – including the premium segment of leading car manufacturers.

Thomas Wohlgemuth, Chief Executive Officer of PRINX Europe: “We are really, truly proud of this tire. It has what it takes to shake up the market. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with PRINX”. With reference to the test results and an appealing sales price, the CEO continues: “Thanks to its reliability, clever technologies and top performance values – all demonstrably seen at market leader level – the Winter Excelia is our warmest recommendation for cold weather!”

  • Technical specifications and TÜV tests

Winter Excelia – the winter tire that fulfils high performance requirements, optimised for complex road conditions seen during European winter time

Speed index: H to W, load index: 75 - 116, 3PMSF, 14 - 19 inch, 39 dimensions, rolling resistance C/D, wet grip B/C, external rolling noise B (70-73 dB).


Snow braking and handling tests by TÜV Süd in Arctic Falls Plantskolan (S), 03.03.2023, 205/55 R16 91H

Wet braking and handling performance tested by TÜV Süd in Papenburg (D), 09.03.2023, 205/55 R16 91H

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