Darmstadt,Germany, 28.04.2023 – The new, sustainability-oriented car tire brand PRINX is demonstrating its core strength in the second quarter: the XLAB and XNEX, two summer tires specially developed for e-vehicles, are now available. Both are suitable for SUVs and cars and are available in a total of 69different sizes. The Quattura 4Sall-season tire for combustion engines will be launched in parallel. Its test values support its premium claim.

The ‘XLAB Comfort’ and ‘XNEX Sport’ EV tires are PRINX's first products to be launched in Europe. Wholesalers can now order the summer tires in 45 sizes and 69 articles. This means that PRINX is able to offer a very broad selection for vehicles with partial and full electric drive right from launch.

“Both summer tires have been developed from scratch specifically with the European market in mind. We didn’t just convert an existing tire model for electric vehicles”

The EV tires are based on a completely unique concept that has been specially adapted to the requirements of cars and SUVs with alternative drive systems. “Both summer tires have been developed from scratch specifically with the European market in mind. We didn’t just convert an existing tire model for electric vehicles”, emphasises Thomas Wohlgemuth, Managing Director Europe. “We are able to draw on many years of experience in research and practice through our parent company PRINX Chengshan. The fact that the Chinese market has a big head start in the field of e-mobility is a real advantage for us in this case.”

The design as well as the tread of the PRINX EV tires account for the higher vehicle weight associated with the battery and its effects on braking behaviour, wear pattern and rolling resistance. The high acceleration speeds of e-vehicles from stationary also place above-average demands on the tires.

More precise steering response than normal models is also essential. The lack of engine sound in e-vehicles means that drivers are more sensitive to the driving and rolling noises that have previously been drowned out. EV tires should compensate for this.

PRINX summer tires have very good values for rolling resistance (A for XLAB Comfort and B for XNEX Sport) and wet braking performance (B for both). As well as the official tests, the tires were also subjected to further quality assurance tests in Europe.


Range is king. Design is awards. Andsafety is essential.

The concept of the two EV summer tires (rolling resistance A for XLAB Comfort and B for XNEX Sport), which has been optimised for more range per charge,brings together PRINX with high-class product design. The XNEX Sport has won several international awards for its look, including the Muse Design Award in the USA. It won silver at the Italian A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION and was the winner in product design at the Paris Design Awards.

The 3D style of the sidewall and its smooth, velvet-effect surface impressed, as did the technical features Silenteck and Healteck. Silenteck boasts cavity noise reduction of up to 12.6 dB in the passenger area and up to2 dB in overall noise. Healteck is equivalent to a permanent tire sealant. If a puncture occurs, silicone seals the spot within seconds. Handling characteristics and control of the car are preserved at all times. Another important safety feature of the dynamic XNEX Sport is its B-rated grip in wet conditions.


• XNEX Sport (EV): Rolling resistanceB, Wet grip B, External rolling noise B; 18 sizes, 35 articles

• XLAB Comfort (EV): Rolling resistance A,Wet grip B, External rolling noiseB ; 27 sizes, 34 articles


Fighting talk: ‘Quattura 4S' all-season tire with top test values

With its Quattura 4S, PRINX is launching a high-performance all-season tire for petrol and diesel vehicles. It has earned its snowflake: it delivers excellent safety performance even in difficult weather conditions. “Our internal tests have been extremely impressive,” says Thomas Wohlgemuth. The tire performs equally well when compared to models from the market leaders. It even beats high-class TIER 2 tires in some cases.

PRINX did not just rely on laboratory values, but also tested the Quattura 4S on official test tracks in warm, dry Spain and icy Finland. It excelled on snow and ice,but it was its braking values on wet roads that were particularly impressive.

Comfort and safety are more important to the all-rounder with 3PMSF features than sportiness. In summer, the Quattura gets its traction from V-shaped tread blocks. The optimum handling, even when braking hard on dry roads, is the result of a be velled tread pattern and 3Dinterlock sipes. On wet roads, the specially developed polymers in the innovative tread compound give excellent grip. V-shaped drainage also preventsaquaplaning and supports braking performance.


In winter, the Quattura 4S draws on its special low-temperature rubber compound, V-grooves and 3D Interlock sipes to excel on icy roads.

• Quattura 4S:All-season tires from the high-performance segment, Speed index T to Y, 3PMSF, 14to 20 inch, 29 sizes, 31 articles.


PRINX CHENGSHAN TIRE EUROPE GmbH introduced the new all-season tire for cars and SUVs at ‘Tire Cologne’ in 2022, where it also launched summer tires for e-vehicles. All 3 models are now available for wholesale order.

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