Darmstadt, Germany, 20th of March 2024
Tire manufacturer PRINX Europe is now also represented in Scandinavia with its Fortune brand products. The tires are available from Fagdekk, POINT S Norwegian representative. The collaboration was launched at a gala dinner in Oslo last month.

225 guests from the industry met at the Clarion Congress & Hotel in Oslo on 6 February. Fagdekk AS, being the official representative of
POINT S in Norway, invited its members and suppliers to the annual POINT S in-house exhibition followed by a gala dinner.

For PRINX Europe, the high-calibre event also marked the launch of its own Fortune brand on the Norwegian market: The tires are now available throughout the country from POINT S/Fagdekk – Norway's largest tire chain. The corresponding contracts were signed in September. Fagdekk's independent dealer network currently comprises 100 dealers, some with several service centres, and was founded in 1978.

To start with, PRINX Europe is concentrating on Passenger Car and Light Truck (PCLT) tires with Fortune. Later, Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) winter tires will be added to the range. The background: Fagdekk is also one of Norway's largest distributors of truck tires. Adrian Costache, Sales Manager at PRINX Europe, therefore, gave a preview of the upcoming TBR winter tire range at the trade fair and provided information on the progress made in the development of a comprehensive PCLT winter tire range for the Nordic market by 2025.

The first batch of PCLT tires was handed over to Fagdekk Managing Director Bård Dalen during the trade fair and ‘made an impression’ says Sales Manager Adrian Costache, ‘in terms of quality and performance.’


PRINX Chengshan, founded in 1976, is a dynamic and environmentally conscious tire company with a global reach. PRINX Chengshan has a long history of providing high quality, durable and environmentally friendly tire solutions and is committed to driving the future of transportation through relentless innovation and sustainable practices. The company markets four leading tire brands: Austone, Fortune, PRINX and Chengshan. With a total turnover of over one billion euros in 2023 in 169 countries, PRINX Chengshan is one of the top ten Chinese tire manufacturers. The company has two large production sites in China and Thailand, as well as three strong distribution centres in China, North America and Europe. PRINX Chengshan Tire Europe manages the business activities on the European continent from Darmstadt.


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Logo POINT S / Fagdekk
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Norway deal finalised: Adrian Costache, Sales Director PRINX Europe, (left) with Bård Dalen, Managing Director, and Geir Holmberg, Network Development Manager of Fagdekk/POINT S Norway

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